Health, safety, and environment specialist in an organization is an employee responsible for ensuring an organization’s compliance with the environmental standards and managing safety and health risk factors. These are the persons appointed for minimizing safety and health hazards for the persons working for the organization or living in a community in addition to ensuring environmental safety.

So, if you are a working mom, a mompreneur running your own company and looking to grow your organization or your local community is planning to recruit an environment specialist, you need to know some basics which will help you to be careful while hiring such personnel for your organization or community.


Be wary while checking the certificates of the candidate – Make sure the certificates of the candidate you are going to hire have been earned from an accredited organization. The safety certifications from an unaccredited organization can be obtained without proper knowledge or skill. You should also check for safety-related continuing course certificates to make sure the candidate is up-to-date with the emerging issues and new developments in the field.

Prefer hiring an experienced candidate – The position requires practical competency in addition to the theoretical knowledge. So, you should not compromise on the experience while making a hiring decision. Even if you are hiring a professional on entry level you should check for internship experiences.

The person should be physically fit and full of stamina – The work of health, safety, and environment specialist is not a desk job; it requires lots of travel from office to different sites. So, hire a person who is physically fit and active. A person low on stamina would not be able to justify with the responsibilities despite having certificates and bookish knowledge.

Check the candidate’s communication skills – A health, safety and environment specialist needs to communicate with contractors, managers, employees and sometimes government officials too. So, it is necessary to select a candidate with good communication skills. When we say communication it implies oral as well as written skills of communication.

Look for leadership skills in the candidate – Among many responsibilities, imparting training to employees about health and safety is also a key responsibility of a health, safety, and environment specialist. So he requires leadership traits to fulfill this duty efficiently. If a candidate does not show the leadership skill then he might not be a good choice for the position.

The candidate must be vigilant and keen-observer – The safety specialist needs to monitor proper maintenance of safety equipment such as fire alarm, sprinklers, HVAC systems, elevators etc. Carelessness of this one single person can pose security threats to many. So, whoever is appointed must be a vigilant person and a keen-observer to identify any hazard on time.

Enthusiasm towards the work is a must-have quality – This job many a time requires professionals to risk their lives to protect others. A person who is non-enthusiast towards his/her duty will find it tough to risk his own life for others.

If the task of evaluating candidates on the discussed parameters seems daunting then simply contact an expert for all your health and safety staffing needs as a professional agency can take the responsibility off your shoulder to recruit an efficient health, safety, and environment specialist.

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