Some time back published some really good reasons to do business in the UAE and then we kept on building a list of profitable and easy to set up businesses in the UAE. Finally we created a list of 20 best small business ideas for UAE.

In the process, we kept a series of discussions, which we lately decided to blog about. Here I am summing up all those discussions at one place.

I will start with mentioning Sundus’ post on A Quick Look at Benefits of Doing Business in the UAE. Though we all know these benefits to some extent and there are more than she discussed, it’s for a good reminder for those who are yet to start. And another post by her for beginners that discusses Things to Consider Before Starting Business in the UAE.


Bianca is of the opinion to Select a Free Zone for 100% Ownership of Your Business in the UAE but at the same time she has some reservations so she has another post titled as UAE Free Zones: Do Consider All the Aspects Before Registering.

I liked Sarah’s idea to explore When to Prefer an LLC over Free Zone Company in the UAE and so she also recommends hiring an agent for the company incorporation rather than doing things yourself. She has very much valid reasons on Why You Must Hire a UAE Company Registration Agent.

Now coming to incorporation and the setup process, I liked Aiza’s points that she made for Licencing Requirements to Do Business in the UAE and a brief information about Legal Structure of Business in the UAE.

Sam discussed the Dubai Free Zone Incentives for Foreign Investors briefly and also the Dubai Free Zone Licenses & Their Specifications. Aiza has also discussed the licensing, but Sam elaborated the details a bit more which is good!

It seems that Free Zones attracted most of the attention of the participants so Angelica picked Free Zones too to make her point. She writes a quick note on Setting up a Free Zone Establishment in Dubai and her List of Dubai Free Zones is simply awesome for a quick reference.

Having a local person’s opinion is always great and I am really impressed to see the different perspective picked by Salwa. She came up with a write up to differentiate the general partnerships from other modes here Partnerships Vs Joint Venture Companies in the UAE. She also details on Setting up Public and Private Shareholding Companies in the UAE and explains how the processes go on for each of them.

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