Raising smart kids is the ultimate desire of every parent because a smart kid doesn’t just do well in school and get scholarships, but stays ahead in various ways in this competitive world. In fact, the technology is constantly changing the world and competition is getting tougher in almost everything; thus raising a smart kid is mandatory for today’s parents.

I lately discussed the use of educational toys for raising smart kids, but as they grow, they need to be involved in activities that are more realistic and can be helpful in solving real life problems, i.e. help the child’s mind to grow. Board games like chess is an amazing way to sharpen child’s mind as it involves concentration, analysis, and technique. Such games help in developing the brain muscles because they involve different areas of the brain to work.

I just read this article that discusses 6 reasons why your child should be playing chess and I am very much convinced that children should start playing chess at an early age.

The best thing that my parents did to me is, raising me as a thoughtful and happy kid, easy going, not afraid of making mistakes, accepting challenges with confidence and getting up and ready for another challenge after a fall. This is what I believe every parent wishes to develop in their kids and to do so, child’s personality development is crucial.

Engaging children in board games doesn’t just help them sharpening the brain but also develops a strong and confident personality. For instance, it’s very common to see children losing temper or feeling dishearten and demotivated when they lose a competition. Chess can teach kids how to accept the loss and learn from it. You must read this detailed article discussing lessons that chess can teach your children.

One lesson that I learned from life so far is that you have to compete against thousands of people, i.e. in school, college, university, job interviews and so on. So, while raising your kids, keep the competition in mind; they may find a tougher competition than the one you had.

Start teaching them this important life lesson with a game of chess and prepare them from an early age; they will surely be successful. Personally, I just decided to start learning chess to get a bit better and teach my child better chess.

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