With its cooling properties and being rich in Vitamin C, tomato is a great natural skin whitener. It literally has no side effects so you can use it without worrying for anything.

A little did I remember, my mom used to boil tomatoes in stained steel pots, which after a short boil used to have all the stains removed.

Thinking of stain removal, I explored online and found it working for many people, so I tried tomato juice to remove dark circles and it worked great.

Let it be dark circles around eyes, dull and dry skin, tanned skin due to sun exposure or even a tan complexion, using tomato regularly cleans it and gives an instant glow that you can observe right after first use.

Using tomato for skin whitening is very easy. Simply rub a tomato slice on your skin and massage for five minutes. Alternatively, you can mix tomato juice with lemon juice or yogurt for adding more moisture, so your skin remains smooth for longer.

Fairer & lighter skin tone as well as a bright glow is guaranteed with this simple, cost effective and easiest home remedy, just try it and see the results!

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