Why you should choose a destination wedding over a traditional one:

  • Your wedding will be more intimate with your closest friends and family in attendance
  • It is hard to believe, but destination weddings usually cost less:
  • Many wedding resorts offer special wedding packages
  • Often the guests pay for their own accommodation
  • You can save on your honeymoon tickets by enjoying the location for a few more days
  • You don’t have to worry about the organization as much – many resorts offer wedding planning services
  • You can be sure that your guests will be entertained without too much effort from your end

Our list of top destination wedding locations (top places for destination weddings) will convince you that a destination wedding is a good idea.

1- Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is found on every list of the best destination wedding locations (best places for destination weddings). This is probably because it has some of the best silky white beaches and warm azure waters in the world. The island is home to lush tropical Caribbean flora and fauna and has warm weather all year round. It is also very easy to get to, thanks to the well-connected international airport.

You may like to capture Punta Cana`s pristine beauty by hiring an experienced wedding photographer from the area. It is important to find a specialist whom you are able to entrust the process of making your wedding photos stand out to. If you choose Punta Cana as your Caribbean wedding destination Denis Boyko will be delighted to record every precious moment of your special day.


2- Aspen, Colorado, US

Natural beauty along with chic restaurants and luxurious wedding venues makes Aspen an amazing destination for a couple who love the outdoors, but appreciate a high level of comfort at the same time. Every season has its charm in Aspen, but it becomes magical in winter.

3- Tuscany, Italy

Emerald green valleys and hills with rustic villas and charming vineyards are the essential components of an elegant, yet laid back wedding. Treat your guests and yourself to exceptional fresh Italian produce including olives, cheeses and outstanding wines.

4- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A Mexican hot spot full of tourists and expat artists. This colorful, Spanish Colonial town with its narrow streets and fascinating architecture is quite a unique backdrop for your beautiful event.

Your guests will be grateful for being able to choose from the numerous activities available in the city – art galleries, designer boutiques, nice restaurants and many more. It may also be the cheapest place for a destination wedding.


5- A French castle

A sophisticated wedding in a French castle would be a wonderful experience for you and your guests. Be creative with the dress code, entertain your guests with horse carriage rides and classical shows by ballroom dancers. Some French appetizers and fine wine would provide an exquisite touch to your aristocratic style wedding.

6- Santorini, Greece

The endless blue sea contrasting with the white villas and glorious sunsets make Santorini one of the most beautiful European islands. The extremely generous and friendly Greek people will make you feel at home and the rich Greek cuisine will satisfy the most demanding palates.

7- Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh hosts a ton of amazing festivals every year. Choose a date that coincides with a festival and have fun with your guests whilst celebrating international cultures and cuisines. The Edinburgh Castle, whisky tours, history and culture make Edinburgh a favorite European destination.

8- Istanbul

A wedding in a city whose territory is divided into the East and the West and whose soul is a harmonious mix of both is a dream for a couple craving some oriental flair. The ex-capital of many empires has it all – stunning landmarks, breathtaking views, picturesque bazars, lively nightlife and mouthwatering food.


9- South Africa

An incredible mix of culture, arts, indescribable natural beauty, diverse landscapes, wineries and wildlife side by side with bustling megapolises – South Africa is the ultimate wedding destination of a lifetime. A luxurious safari wedding, an authentic wedding in a local village with a touch of real south African culture or a garden wedding in Johannesburg, it is your choice. However, we believe that you can`t go wrong with any of them.

10- Bagan, Myanmar

A romantic hot air balloon ride over the river, mountains and misty temples can become a part of your fairytale ceremony in Bagan. The fantastic view of the green plain which is home to over 2000 Buddhist monuments is unforgettable. The memory of you saying “Yes” at Bagan`s sunset with its rich palette of colors changing minute by minute will remain in your heart forever.

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