Are you a stay-at-home mommy living in Chicago? You might already have thought about kick starting something that brings some extra income.

Well, if you still have not thought in this context, this is probably the best time to buckle up in the quest of making your entrepreneurial dream come true!

Starting a home-based business is a great way to get started and you may be amazed to know that 52 percent of U.S. companies operate as home businesses. Some of the big names today in the fashion retail, technology and B2B services were born either in the spare room of the founder’s house, or just in a small corner of their home!

So, of you are an enthusiastic mommy based in Chicago and looking to grow yourself in the right direction, get set go and start your own business today. Here I am going to share some awesome ideas from my fellow co-workers and friends and I hope some of the ideas will be highly workable for you.

My friend Salwa is always so active about finding new and innovative stuff, so I will start with her ideas!

5 Innovative Ways to Rent Your Property in Chicago

Home Based Gym; A Lucrative Business for Fitness Enthusiasts in Chicago

Errand Services; a Micro Business Idea for Enthusiasts in Chicago

Coming to others, their ideas are worth sharing too. Here it goes:

Aiza’s idea of Starting a Mobile Beauty Salon in Chicago.

Sarah lists Who Can Make Money with Blogging in Chicago, and also a quick detail on how to do it!

Sam insists on Starting a Recruitment Agency in Chicago.

Bianca has found Hostel Business; a Lucrative Opportunity in Big Cities Like Chicago

Moreover, here are some more profitable and recession proof business ideas from authentic resources:

Starting a Translation Service Business in Chicago; A Quick Overview

Starting Up as Startup Advisor in Chicago

Business Opportunities for Photography Lovers in Chicago

And last, but not least, LaudableBit’s idea of Pick & Deliver Laundry Service for Chicago Mommies; a Cost Effective Option

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