If you are a new mommy in New York who wants to get back to work, but finding it difficult to get apart from your little one that early, it’s probably the best time to think about getting into the world of entrepreneurship!

It’s the best time even if you’re among those stay at home mommies who has devoted some golden years from the peak of your career to your family and now you are thinking to get back to professionalism, as kids are grown up enough to take care of their basic needs!

One thing that every mompreneur gets stuck at is being not sure about where to begin! Well, there’s good news; there are too many resources to help you get started, even if you do not have a clear business idea, there are lists of amazing and innovative ideas.

We lately developed a big list of small business ideas for New York City at StartupGuys.net, which contains filtered ideas that can earn high profits and can work equally well during recession! In the quest of developing this list, the team suggested some really awesome details on what to start where and when.

Here I am sharing those discussions, and I’ am so sure that if you’re an aspiring mompreneur in New York City, one of the ideas will certainly work for you!

Bianca’s views on Financial Advisory Business in New York? Are There Good Opportunities

Sam’s suggestions on Starting an Event Management Business in Big City Like New York!

Sarah’s innovative ideas on What to Do With Not in Use Residential Property in New York City

Aiza’s words for pet lovers in the city: Pets Related Business is a Real Win in Cities Like New York

Salwa is one highly active startups evangelists and she has three ideas:

Asset Renting As a Part Time Business in New York

Translation Service Business in New York

Blogging is Probably the Best Business for Mommies in New York

Besides these awesome idease, I’d also like to list some suggestions from some other startups, small business and career related resources. Here it goes:

Starting an Errand Services Business in New York from SmallBusinessClan.com

Is Foreign Cuisine Restaurant in New York City a Good Business Idea? from StartupsBuzz.com

Everything $10 Shop in New York City; Start Small, Go Big from CareersLinked.com

I hope, you’d have found these ideas really workable! And yes, do not forget to check LaudableBit’s idea of starting Home Based Gym Startup in New York City; an Awesome Idea for Fit Mommy

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