I always strongly support mommies to prefer entrepreneurship over job. It’s not because, it’s a flexible option for them, but the fact is that being an entrepreneur the growth is much more than that of being on job.

Lately some mommies asked me what B2B business can be good, because they felt that dealing with B2B clients is a better option than dealing with general public. Honestly, they are right!

Well, there can be hundreds of such ideas, depending upon your skills and areas of expertise, but here I’d like to discuss top 3 best options for mommies who do not have any particular professional expertise!

Here goes the list:

Content Development Firm: Every online business needs content. All you have to do is to provide them with the best content. Get some good writers onboard, you work on getting writing project and get them done by writers!

Bookkeeping & Accountancy:

Most small businesses don’t have an on-staff accountant, so the task of record keeping often falls to the business owner which can be quite tiresome for most of them. Help them lower their burden!

Event Management:

Whether you are that kind of social woman or not, once you become mommy, you become an expert in planning parties and events! Consider starting a business to help other businesses plan and manage their company events.

To make your B2B business a success, you need a lot of hard work and effort. Here I am listing some resources that can help you build your B2B Empire in better way!

Guide on how to choose the right business model for your B2B startup.

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