Kids love animals and owning a dog teaches them being more responsible and consist. Dogs are probably the most loyal pets as they are often great at protecting your home and as your child trusts and loves the dog that he owns, he can have a protective friend even when you are busy and not available.

So, are you looking to buy your kid a new pet dog? You might be looking to know what are the best dogs for children. Although there are many breeds that are great for kids, here are the top five dogs for children.


1. The Boxer

Do you have kids who are hyper and have a never ending amount of energy? If so, then you need a dog that can keep up with that energy, but also a dog that is extremely friendly and playful. The boxer dog is playful, high energy, highly intelligent and they get along great with kids. In fact, if you get a boxer, then you can expect them to be extremely loyal to you and the rest of your family, including your kids.

Keep this in mind; boxers can be boisterous. If your kids like to wrestle and run around a lot, then this is the dog for them.

2. The Bulldog

Although the Bulldog is much smaller than a boxer, they share very similar traits. However, boxers tend to be more energetic than Bulldogs but don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t good dogs to play with. Bulldogs love playing around with their owners, which is why they make great pets for kids. Plus, they have a sturdy build that’s great for kids who do like to roughhouse.

Bulldogs are very friendly in nature and very social dogs. They are also affectionate dogs, which is one of the attributes kids like the most about this breed. If you are a busy family and like to be out and about, then definitely consider getting a bulldog.

3. Golden Retriever

Whenever you come across a list of dogs that are recommended for families with kids, the golden retriever is always near the top. There are many reasons for that, with one being that golden retrievers are known for being fiercely loyal to their owners and family. They are smart and kind, and they are not aggressive. Best of all, they have a lot of patience, which makes them great dogs for families with young kids.

Kids love golden retrievers because of how playful they are and how easy they are to train. It won’t take long for these dogs to learn now tricks and they are usually great on the leash. If you want to teach your kids responsibility, then get them a golden retriever.

4. Vizsla

This is a breed that not many people know about, but they should. Vizslas need a lot of exercise on a regular basis, so if you enjoy being out and about often and you and your kids like to go camping, hiking, long walks and things of that nature, then you’ll love having a Vizsla. They will love doing those activities as much as you guys do.

This breed of dog has excellent mannerisms and is gentle in nature, as well as being affectionate and extremely loyal. They are confident and obedient, and it won’t take them long to form a strong bond with you, your kids and the rest of the family. They are lively dogs and they love to be around their families as much as possible. Let’s put it this way, a Vizsla will most likely always be in a room where their family is in, or at least one of them. This is one of the main reasons kids love this breed.

5. Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands are massive dogs, but they are not aggressive and they are patient. However, they do very well in large open spaces, so if you have a small home with no yard or live in an apartment, then this is not the breed for you. If you have a medium sized yard or larger, then go ahead and get this type of dog. Also, Newfoundlands have been known to save lives in emergencies.

You should consider getting a Newfoundland or any of the other breeds previously mentioned. They are the best dogs for children. If you’ve found this publication quite enjoying, don’t hesitate to visit Build Great Farms to learn more about pet and children.

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