You know how bad bloating and gas can be only when you have it! Well, the discomfort is not limited to over eating and there can be various reasons when you may suffer from it on regular basis.

Eating rich and fatty foods,  too much of carbs, fast food etc are most common causes of bloating.

However, there can be some medical conditions too, i.e. if you’re just done with a c-section, the ultimate discomfort due to bloating and gas is very normal. You cannot blame that big load of anesthesia and bundles of pain killers which kept you calm, but as a result you have to face this heavy bloating.


I found this Ginger tea tip from multiple discussion boards online when I was suffering from severe bloating after c-section and it worked like a charm.

Well, bloating is a regular case since then, and so the Ginger tea is a great companion for instant healing.

Ginger tea is a great way to detox your body too if you are working on a weight loss plan and it also settles your digestive system on a track.

Making is as easy as one, two, three…. Cut ginger into slices and boil them in plain water. For variations, you may add honey, green tea, lemon or mint and try a different tea every day!

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