Bad breath is not always for the reason that you didn’t floss, but at times you feel like being a dragon even after flossing multiple times.

Well, that can either be due to some food or else you are taking lot of medicine, low water intake and at times the digestion problems. As there are lot of other factors may cause bad breath to anyone, it can happen any time.

Brushing your teeth and tongue does work temporarily, but at times when the problem remains in the stomach, the bad breath remains there no matter how expensive mouth wash you use. And by the way, using mouthwash too frequent is not good idea too!

The above is my very own case, so I looked for something that fixes stomach.


To my surprise, I found that yogurt is a great bad breath remedy. I read about it that it is a traditional way to fight bad breath, but I never believed, because never tested it for the purpose.

Well, it’s not only traditional, instead more scientific. It’s a proven fact that the good bacteria of yogurt help to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath.

You don’t need to make any big effort to have fresh breath, just add a little yogurt in your meals.

At times we don’t feel like having plain yogurt, in that case rather than going for a flavored one, better is to spice it up with some fruits at home. Yogurt in every meal will not just fight bad breath, but will also let you have a satisfied and noiseless stomach!

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