Cleaning industry has vast opportunities for people ready to accept the challenge of cleaning dirt and mess of others. However, how to start your own cleaning business is a simple question with an answer that needs loads of hard work, passion and dedication.

How to set up a cleaning business” is probably not a big issue! But, setting up your own cleaning business in the right way so it runs successfully is a matter of great concern!

Some relevant queries that may be bothering you include:

=> How to get a cleaning business license?

=> How to get clients for a cleaning business?

=> How to get bonded for a cleaning business

=> How to get customers for commercial cleaning business

=> How to get insurance for a cleaning business?

=> How to finance your cleaning business?

And so on….


This article will sum up a great list of resources related to starting a cleaning business, getting more clients, marketing it in the right direction and establishing it as a much needed service.

Start with a detailed guide on how to start a cleaning business from scratch developed by StartupGuys. This guide answers queries related to residential, commercial office, window, commercial kitchen, pool and gutter cleaning services business.

Cleaning business checklist by Canada Business is a good guide that explains various situations, i.e. starting with no money, buying an existing cleaning business or buying a franchise of a cleaning company etc. Moreover, it details with further guides for the setup.

Licensing, permits and registering your cleaning business is most important task to lawfully bring your business into commence. The laws differ from city to city and state wise, however, this guide by Chorn on registering a cleaning business can help you quickly get the things done.

Cleaning Business Now explains 6 ways to finance your cleaning business.

To find more clients for your cleaning business, follow the 54 ways to get more leads for your cleaning business by SEO Maids. There are 20 more simple ways to get more clients for your cleaning business by Build My Cleaning Business.

Everyone makes mistakes, but to make sure you don’t do the same, Cleaning 4 Profit has a list of 10 mistakes to avoid when selling cleaning services to customers.

Getting clients is easy, but maintaining a good customer service needs great effort and you may feel demotivated in times when you have to deal with some tough clients. Warning signs of difficult house cleaning clients by My House Cleaning Biz will help you to deal such situations better either by avoiding them or else finding an alternate way.

One of the main concerns of cleaning startup people is to find out the right pricing options. How should you charge for a house cleaning business is different than that of how to charge for office, commercial kitchen, windows., pools and gutter cleaning businesses or janitorial services.

So, here are some very useful resources to be considered while pricing your residential and commercial cleaning services.

How to charge for house cleaning business by Chorn and how to charge for house cleaning by Cleaning Business Academy are two very useful reads for residential cleaning business startups.

Love to Know details the process for charging commercial cleaning clients.

To get more ideas for pricing your specific cleaning services check these discussions on various boards.

How much window cleaning costs?

Average monthly pool maintenance and cleaning costs.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

This sample commercial cleaning calculator can also help a lot to determine the right pricing for your business.

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