If you have experience of visiting nail salons for a manicure or for design nail art, you better know how expensive it is now a day. The street now I live, almost 200 meters away, there are 4 to 5 manicure shops, but getting the nail art done for once even is really expensive. So, I was thinking why not to do it yourself. In fact, you can finish it completely at home by yourself, and nail art material is not expensive.

Don’t worry if you do not have any experience of buying nail art, I can guide you with the basics here and I believe that more than a few times you can be very skilled to design your own nail art.


The most important material is nail polish, where to buy nail polish? Of course you must try buying online for a variety of reasons.

1- Best Pricing: As we all know, a great advantage of online shopping is the low price after all, it saves a lot of middle terms. One such way is in their pricing. Because they have to pay for their storefront, employees, and other business-related expenses, they have to raise their prices if they want to make a profit. While this is all well and good, if you want to get the best price, you have to take another route. Online stores can focus on bringing you the best products on the market at the best price. Of course, if you are a nail manager you can also choose to purchase online, the profit will be higher. You can also use some discount code.

2- More Choices: Online stores offers wide variety of products and kinds of colors,you may want to buy a nail polish, you also need a UV gel top coat and base coat, LED lamp to dry your gel polish, and nail brushes, and nail glitter , nail stickers to decorate , nail polish holders and more. These all demands can be satisfied online, even you will find other beauty products, such as a nice lip gloss, eyeliner and more. Really much more surprises.

BeautyBigBang is a very good online store, and it also supplies a variety of nail art material, especially the nail polish (matte nail polish, holo nail polish, metallic nail polish, peel off nail polish, glitter nail polish) and kinds of colors with high quality.

Now where to buy nail polish, it’s not a problem. If you want to save money and do nail art at home by yourself in the future, don’t hesitate to buy high quality from the above online store. Try variety of tutorials to do nail art at home and perfection comes with time!

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