A drill press vice is a tool used in the drilling process. It holds the workpiece very tight with its jaws to ensure that it remains still during the actual drilling. This process’ performance depends on the quality or the condition of the tool (drill press vice).

Therefore, It a is very important tool. It is used together with the drill press machine. It usually has hard jaws that clearly enable it to withstand the amount of pressure that comes along with the drilling process. Despite having a number of brands selling the drill press vise, it is important to state that they all work in the same manner. Some features maybe improved more than the others, but basically carry out the same functions.


Steps to Using a drill Press Vice

1- First, ensure that the drill press vice is firmly fixed on the drill press table. If you do not want it permanently done, you can clamp or bolt it.

2- Create an X mark on the point you want to work on.

3- In an anti-clock wise direction, rotate the handle to open the jaws.

4- Place the workpiece strategically on the jaws to ensure it is at the best position for drilling.

5- In an anti-clock wise direction, rotate the handle to make sure that the workpiece is tightly held on the jaws. Tighten until it is tight enough and there are no chances of it slipping away.

6- Remember step number 2 Well, make sure the machine is off, align the drill with the mark. This assures accuracy of the drilling process.

7- Turn on the drill, press the machine and slowly lower it on the clamped workpiece.


1- The drill press vice jaws come in handy in ensuring the workpiece is firmly held making it very easy for the drilling since it will ensure accuracy.

2- It is also used in reaming, grinding and tapping. Its firm grip ensures the tools are fixed in the proper way.

3- It is used in industrial operations.

4- The drill press vise can be used in conjunction with a mortising attachment to drill square holes. For quite some time mortises have been cut using the chisel.In the recent past, there has been an improved mortise that fitted with a drill bit that drills the square edges.

5- A drill Press vise can also be used spindle sander.

6- For people who take machining as a hobby, a drill press vice would come in handy.


1- The drill press vise causes the hands to remain free and hence away from any danger that can occur from drilling.

2- It can be used to hold a number of materials. That is plastic,wood,metal etc.

3- Its performance is accurate and neat.

4- It has a sturdy motor than a hand operated one. Basically, the machine has made a lot of activities in the industry and wooden activities very easy. It has also brought neatness of activities which was very difficult to achieve with the use of certain tools such as the chisel.In the world we are in today, unlike some years back, people mind neatness so much and definitely with the much introduction of so much makes of furniture for more comfort in our homes and work tools, the drill press vice is making it so achievable to make and acquire.

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