Did you know that more than 16 million people work from home in the United States only and this figure is expected to increase by 64% by the end of 2018 (which means there will be more than 26 million work from home individuals then).

Well, it’s not just United States which is a fertile ground for working from home, but any city in the world where you have internet can prove to be good place to start a home based business. Though internet may not be a must have in many cases, but you cannot deny the fact that you need it in one way or other for your business, so make it a must have!


Home bases business is not just limited to getting the outsourced projects and working as a freelancer, rather it’s a whole new world of small business. You can start a home based bakery, a childcare centre, a small café, a laundry and anything that you can manage operating from home.

Salwa has rightly mentioned that With a Home Based Business Startup You can Reduce Lot of Costs & Taxes. It’s not just the US, but almost all the developed and developing countries have special provisions for small business owners. She also mentioned how a home based business is risk free here: Don’t Want to Take a Risk? Start a Home Based Business.

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