Knowing what causes acne actually helps you treat it rightly. Surprisingly, the causes of adult acne are not special; but just an addition of hormonal imbalances along with some irregularities and some carelessness.

Women are more vulnerable to as, as chances of hormonal imbalances in women are much more than that of men.

Normally, the hormonal imbalances occur when:

*- You have your menstrual periods

*- When you are pregnant

*- If you are going through menopause

*- Or maybe, due to the birth control pills or other medications


Other causes of acne may include, but not limited to:

*- Emotional eating (know how to stop emotional eating with healthy food)

*- Too much of junk food

*- Too much fats

*- Too much carbs

*- Stress

*- Improper Cosmetics

*- Not taking care of hygiene

Well, adult acne can be treated in the same was as puberty acne is treated, i.e. natural ways and home remedies are the best solution. Check out my tested 4 natural ways to treat acne.


Besides that, a healthy diet and good level of hydration also helps battling acne effectively.

However, in special cases, when it not under your control and the natural remedies do not appear to be wiping it out, the better option is to consult an authentic dermatologist.

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