Whether you are a busy working mom who doesn’t have much time to cook or you are someone looking to lose weight, but cannot avoid fatty foods because you cannot cook separately for yourself, you need a solution that offers quick yet healthy cooking and is easy to maintain. That is what we call an air fryer.

In today’s’ sped up life, it is a must for busy mommies to invest in a good air fryer. An air fryer can make your life fresher and healthier as it helps you in many ways including:

  • Cooking multiple dishes at once.
  • Meals can be prepared within minutes.
  • A good air fryer can do almost everything you need, i.e. fry, grill, bake, and roast.
  • As it uses air to heat food, it does not require the extra calories, so you cut back on fatty oils.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


For those who want to know what is an air fryer, let me explain that an air fryer is a cooking appliance that circulates hot air around the food at high speed, which allows the food to be cooked faster and without needing any extra oil. Unlike traditional frying whereby the food needs to be completely submerged into hot or boiling oil (and a lot of oil is absorbed by the food), the air fryer allows the food to be completely cooked (with a thin layer of oil, coated around it) while circulating air heated up to 200 °C. And so, you can have your favorite foods like potato fries, fried chicken/fish or pastries etc. with 70% to 80% less oil than regular frying.

So, all the mommies out there; if you want to optimize your cooking without comprising on your professional duties and want to serve your family a variety of healthy and tasty food faster and at the convenience of your own home, you must buy a good air fryer as a top priority. NuWave is a good air fryer brand and here you can find authentic NuWave air fryer review to make sure that you buy the right air fryer for your needs.

And yes, you may be thinking that every appliance has its cons, and what are the not so good things about air fryers. Well, honestly, the air fryer doesn’t have many cons. The hot exterior surfaces and bulky weigh might be your concern, especially when you have a small kitchen, but the hazards can easily be avoided with little precautions, i.e. placing the air fryer on a safer location and using cooking gloves while shifting positions of the fryer.

I am a big supporter of air fryers because I believe in “No Grease, No Mess”, both in your kitchen and in your tummy!

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